Schools are still segregated
Jan 2018

Did segregation really end a generation ago? Here we investigate how it continues, quantitatively.

SEED 2017
Quantifying Genetic Entropy in Humans and Wheat
May 2017

Discount bioinformatics with premium math and dumpster dived data

Forecasting the 2018 Midterms Using Tools from Engineering
Apr 2017

What tools from signals and systems analysis can help us understand trends in the political process

How Term Limits Might Affect How Congress Works
Oct 2016

Ever wonder if giving congress people term limits would be a good idea? Here, I use logistic regression to look at a few landmark pieces of legislation and determine what role (if any) limiting term limits would play on the outcome of the vote

Global Trends in Cigarette Consumption
Oct 2016

Are your country’s smokers casual or hardcore? Here, I investigate the differences in prevalence of smoking and how many cigarettes those smokers consume among different nations.

Musical Systems Analysis
Pizza Post
Aug 2016

Pizzas, how do they work? Well think long and hard before you order a pizza in the wrong size or the wrong state!